Guitarist - Pianist - Songwriter/Composer - Teacher

I was 11 years old when I held my first guitar and it was at that moment I knew exactly what I was meant to do.  it's an amazing thing when a person has such a strong affinity with something that you spend hours relentlessly focused and working at it.  From the moment I picked up my first guitar at age 11 to this present day I have been focused on my craft - all the hours I spent working at it were not motivated by money, by fame, by popularity or anything of the sort... I dedicated my life to music for one simple reason - because I love it.
I am a Songwriter, a Pianist, a Guitarist and a Teacher...  and I didn’t choose any of these titles . . . they simply define who I am.

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Heath performing with band

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Now working with a London based music publishing company

I recently hooked up with an independent, but very hardworking music publishing company based in London; the company provides clients all over the globe with top quality original music specifically written for all mediums ranging from TV to film and everything in between.  Fortunately I work on a freelance basis so am still available to provide services for other artists, publishing and production companies who want my services.


Writing the soundtrack to a new web series

After composing the musical score to a film called The Suffered, I was sought out to work on the music to The Pickman Incident, a new sci-fi webisode series which premiers this autumn.  The Pickman Incident was written and produced by Andrew Bliss from The Mystery Workshop ( a new film production company.The Mystery Workshop was created by passionate film makers, writers, designers, storytellers and artisans who love all things science, myth, and human potential.  Keep an eye out for The Pickman Incident this fall!

New artist Ryan Creegan to record my music
Ryan Creegan, a wildly talented 13 year old singer/actor/dancer was recently signed to music label All Round Music and is now poised to record his first album this summer. After Ryan found out about me and my music he got in touch and asked if he could record some of my material on his big recording project. I was flattered by the question and I happily agreed to him licensing some of my work. Ryan will be recording at White Wolf Studios in New Castle where I will also be involved in tracking the guitar & piano parts. Ryan is an incredibly talented new artist and I am very excited about his project.


Just a few months ago I was part of a national music competition, Open Mic UK, which scoured the UK for the best and most talented singers, songwriters & performers. My musical partner for this competition was Lisa Crawford, a brilliant soul/gospel/R&B singer from Leeds whose voice helped my music come alive. Out of over 8000 contestants nation wide, Lisa and I made it to the final 20 and competed in the nationals which were held in Manchester. Going through to the national finals of a contest like this was a great experience; I also received some very positive feedback about my music and our performance and I was put in touch with some big names in the industry like Eliot Kennedy & Chris Grayston. 

Click on the following links to read through some of the interviews and press coverage from the contest - Overall it was definitely worth the effort!!!

BBC Open Mic article
York Press Open Mic article

Live And Unsigned

After my recent success in Open Mic UK, I decided to test the waters once more and I am now currently competing in Live & Unsigned, which is the Animation with Heath's photosparent company to Open Mic UK. Live & Unsigned is billed as the UK’s largest competition for bands and original artists. With Lisa now in London, I needed a new voice for my music and I found the perfect match in Ann Hudson, a singer from Hebdon Bridge whom I met while playing in a corporate party band. Ann’s voice, although much different from Lisa’s, has a great pop sound with a nice blend of youth, innocence and soul. This competition should be good fun – although it would be great to win I am most looking forward to performing and meeting people from the music industry. Stay tuned for updates…



For me, the most rewarding thing about making an album of songs is not necessarily writing the songs but its hearing the music unfold as the sessions and mixing take place. My first disk, titled ‘Nothing to fall back on’, ( was a big milestone for me as it was my first full studio produced album. As my writing style is more developed now and my output more prolific, I am pleased to say that with my integrated digital home studio and some experienced help I will be able to create and produce, on demand, as much material as time will allow. I will be updating this site regularly with mixes as they come out – not everything will be available on line but there will be plenty of new music to sample whether you’re in A&R, publishing or just a music fan.



Little Mia Jessica Lanzillotti was born early Saturday morning in Late July.  Mia is a beautiful little girl who has been very good so far - apart from one flaw... She has my appetite!